Digital Marketing job interview questions and answers

job interview questions and answers

1. What is SEO?

SEO is synonymous with search engine optimization. SEO is a technique to increase the quality of the traffic on your website. This is possible thanks to the results of organic search engines.

2. Describe what is on-page and off-page optimization.

Page Optimization allows websites to stand out in search engine rankings. On the page, optimization is the changes made on a live web page.

Off-page optimization refers to changes to an offline website. These changes translate into a positive ranking in the search engines.

3. What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is any online marketing activity. It highlights the marketing tactics of the brand made via the Internet. In addition, it involves techniques such as,

• SEM (search engine marketing)

• SEO (search engine optimization)

• SMM (social media marketing)

• Internet audience analysis

• Email Marketing and

• Content Marketing

4. What steps should you take if your ad is rejected?

If your ad is rejected, analyze why. Solve the problem. You must wait for the approval status after editing.

5. How is digital marketing classified?

Digital marketing is of two types,

• Inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing sells products and services online through practices such as,

SEO (search engine optimization)

• SMM (social media marketing),

• Content Marketing and

•        Branding

It creates an awareness of the business and services to customers.

• Outgoing marketing

It is a traditional method of marketing. It targets potential customers. In addition, it covers activities such as,

• the lounges

• Place ads in a newspaper

• Radio ads

• Seminar series and

• cold call

6. Explain what keywords streaming is?

Keyword streaming is about analyzing the associated keywords and choosing the best keyword for the website based on its target, to generate organic traffic and leads within the keywords.

7. Name some of the useful digital marketing tools?

Some of the useful digital marketing tools are,

• SEMrush

• Google Alert

• Google Trends

• Google Analytics

• Submit an express link popularity

• Open Site Explorer

• keyword discovery

• Digital keyword tracker

• StumbleUpon

• favicon generator

• Thermal cards of crazy eggs and

• XML sitemap generator

8. What are the areas of use of your keywords to optimize the ranking of websites?

For a better ranking, you need to place keywords in the following items,

• Title of the website

• meta tag

• Website URL

• Topics and

• Web page content

9. What is Google Adwords?

Google AdWords is an advertising service designed by Google. Businesses use it to display ads on Google and its ad network. This is the most famous PPC advertising system in the world. It actually allows business forms to set a budget for advertising. Payments are made when people click on the ads. Advertising service focuses on keywords.

10. Name Google AdWords ad extensions?

• call extensions

• Legend extension

• promote extension

• Structured extract extension

• extension of the sitelink

• extension of place of affiliation

• extension of the application

job interview questions and answers

11. How can you improve conversion rates?

In online marketing, the conversion rate is the ratio between the total number of visitors and the number of visitors who perform the desired actions. Internet companies measure successful conversions differently.

It depends largely on the nature of their activities and goals. Increasing conversion rates is achieved by testing different site elements, such as a landing page. You can also experiment with the layout, features, and style on the landing pages.

12. Explain what is a responsive web design?

Responsive Web Design is a relatively new approach to web design that allows web pages to work well on a variety of devices, such as desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. This ensures users an exceptional visual experience, regardless of the device used. The practice is a mix of flexible layouts, grids, images, and the use of CSS media queries.

13. What do you know about AMP?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source library that provides a simple way to create compelling, smooth, and instantly loading web pages for users. With AMP, publishers and marketers can easily create mobile-friendly web pages. Google’s AMP project aims to create this new standard that will benefit everyone. Moreover, it is supported by different platforms and is more compatible with all browsers.

14. What qualities should an effective CCP contain?

The effective qualities are,

• expansive

CPP is iterative. The list of keywords must therefore lengthen and adapt.

• Relevance

List the targeted keywords.

• Complete

In addition to the most essential keywords, it should cover the “long tail of research”.

15. What constitutes a “bad link”?

The following are bad links,

• Spam links of blogs

• Unindexed website links in Google

• Paid links

• Low ranking links and low traffic

• Website links that are not relevant to your sites

• Links from link exchanges

• A link from the same anchor texts from different websites

16. Can you tell us what is the best way to get a natural link to your website?

If your website has just been launched, the possibilities of getting quick and natural links are not possible. However, a common way to get a natural link is to write articles on reputable websites in your niche. It is very important to only do this for reputable websites.

17. What must be done to avoid penalties?

In order to avoid penalties,

• we should avoid stealing images or text from other areas.

• Do not link to another website with an incorrect page ranking

• Avoid redirecting users to another web page by refreshing the meta-tags.

• Avoid using words such as “link”, hypertext and give a link to your website.

18. What are the key elements to optimize conversion rates by CPP?

The key elements to optimize conversion rates by PPC are,

• Maintain a high degree of relevance between ads and similar landing pages.

• Write compelling content related to your keyword on your website

• Review the design of your landing page. It should have the right combination of colors, graphical interface and layout.

• The webpage should have an easy registration process. And of course, sign up for a newsletter.

19. What is the effective way to improve the traffic on your website?

To effectively improve traffic, focus on SEO links and SEO. It helps to win visitors and to get the brand recognized. However, the most important factor is to focus on user engagement.

20. What is the difference between brand and direct marketing?


An advertiser exposes its brand on the main sites and applications. This reaches a wide audience. Some popular methods are,

• personalized ads

• YouTube ads

• Remarketing and

• Target for display ads

Direct marketing

The advertiser has an interest in communicating with the target audience. The most common campaigns are,

• dynamic search ads

• Offers

• Research network only

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