How To Use Google Analytics To Improve Website

Among all the free statistical analysis of websites, I think Google Analytics is the best solution for your site because of its usefulness, its richness, and its in-depth analysis. You can make informed editorial, navigation, and page design decisions to increase the traffic and efficiency of your site with data provided by Google.

How To Use Google Analytics to improve website

Registration and installation

Google Analytics was launched in 2005; growth was slow at first because of the frustrating system of waiting lists set up by Google to avoid stretching their servers too much. Now the waiting list has been removed and everyone can sign up to use this great service.

Just visit Google Analytics and create a free Google Analytics account.

Once your account is set up, so that Google Analytics can track the pages viewed, drop a snippet of JavaScript on your site pages (much like Sitemeter.) The guide should help you navigate the new system. Just copy and paste the JavaScript code into the pages you want to follow.

For example.

If you’re a blogger, you only need to include Google Analytics code in all models of your blogging software.

Powerful reporting tool

Google Analytics has all the features you expect from a high-end analytics offer. It also provides tightly integrated AdWords support for viewing AdWords ROI statistics without importing cost data or adding keyword tracking codes.

If you have an AdWords account, you can use Google Analytics directly from the AdWords interface… Google Analytics also calculates return-on-investment measures from cost tracking data and automatically imported tracking keywords that save you time.

There are different ways to track your different needs for your site.

If your site allows downloads, you can save your downloads by simply adding a script to your site.

For example.

Follow-up of the e-commerce site

Tracking the provenance of your visitors is the most important thing to know. You just know from which site the visitors of the search engines access.

Sales reports by traffic source can be found in the “Traffic Sources> All Traffic Sources” section of the menu.

Track your sales

To track your sales, you must use a server-side script on your confirmation page (the page that users see after a transaction on your site) to fill out a form in the following format:

body  ” __utmSetTrans ()”>


UTM: T34535Main Store111108.068467.0610.00San DiegoCAUSA

UTM: I34535XF-1024Urchin T-ShirtShirts11399.009

UTM: I34535CU-3424Urchin Drink HolderAccessories20.002

Once you have completed the form, GA will immediately begin tracking your sales.

Redesign of your site

If you plan to change the design of your site and want to keep the resolution of your screen based on the most used resolution, contact Google Analytics for the most common queries. Just go to the web design parameters for all the valuable data you want!

The features listed above represent only the zero of Google Analytics. In my opinion, Google Analytics is one of the best reporting analytics websites generated to date.

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